January 6 – June 29, 1864 - Part VI
About the South Danvers Wizard

Overview:  Jan. - July 1864

 About South Danvers (Peabody), Massachusetts


South Danvers Wizard, 1/6/1864, p. 2/1
LADIES OF LAFAYETTE STREET M.E. CHURCH of Salem announced $700 in net proceeds from their recent fair.

South Danvers Wizard, 1/27/1864. p. 2/2
A SLIGHT MISTAKE – Recounts a humorous mistake relating to two local churches.

South Danvers Wizard, 2/17/1864, p. 2/1
SURPRISE PARTY – Describes surprise party for Rev. Mr. Chase, Rector of the Episcopal Church in Danvers.

South Danvers Wizard, 3/16/1864, p. 2/1
PASTORAL VISITATIONS [Editorial] – “A few words on the subject may not be inopportune at a time when a young clergymen is about to assume the charge of our religious societies….”

South Danvers Wizard, 3/30/1864, p. 2/3
A DOG IN CHURCH – “Last Sunday morning the gravity of the worshippers at one of our churches was somewhat disturbed by the entrance of a dog, who walked sedately up the aisle, ascended the pulpit stairs, and taking his seat on the cushion by the side of the minister, put himself in the attitude of listening to the music of the choir….”

South Danvers Wizard, 4/6/1864, p. 2/2
FAST DAY – “We understand that there will be a collection for East Tennessee at the Old South Church, on Fast Day, services at ten o’clock.”

Fig. 4.3 The Square 1848 with the Old South Church. Courtesy of the Peabody Historical Society.

South Danvers Wizard, 4/20/1864, p 2/4
“The Rev. M. Dwight, who has been two years pastor of the Methodist E. Church, in this place, has been appointed pastor of the  M. E. Church in Swampscott, and Rev. S. B. Sweetser of Westboro is his successor…”

South Danvers Wizard, 4/27/1864, p. 2/2
EAST TENNESSEE FUND – “The following lists shows the amount of contributions here, on Fast Day week, in behalf of the loyalist sufferers of East Tennessee….”

South Danvers Wizard, 5/4/1864, p. 2/2
SALARIES – “We learn that the salary of Rev. Mr. Barber, of the South Church, has been increased by the addition of $300, making it about $1700.  We have also heard that the salaries of Rev. Mr. Safford and Rev. Mr. Barrows, have been increased.  This is a substantial recognition of the value of ministerial services.”

South Danvers Wizard, 5/11/1864, p. 2/1
BAPTISM – “Sunday before last, between services, Rev. C. E. Barrows, of the Baptist Church, baptized the persons – all adults – two males and three females – at Foster’s Mills.  Notwithstanding the rain which sprinkled them before immersion, there  was a large crowd of people to witness the ceremonies.”

South Danvers Wizard, 6/1/1864, p. 2/1
COLLECTION – “A sum of $165 was collected at the Old South last Sunday, in aid of the U.S. Christian Commission.”

South Danvers Wizard, 6/8/1864, p. 2/4
EPISCOPAL CHURCH SERVICE – “Divine service, after the forms of the Protestant Episcopal Church, was held at the Town Hall on Sunday evening last.  There was a large and attentive congregation…”